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Engage the Premier PPC Agency in the Midlands to rapidly improve your Leads and Sales. Whether your an Ecommerce site or a Service Provider, our expert PPC teams have tried & tested Ad Strategies to provide impressive results quickly. Visit us at our regional offices:

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What can our PPC Management Achieve


Maximum Achievable ROI


Maximum Achievable Conversion Rate


Maximum Achievable Return on Ad Spend


Tracked Conversions

Rapid & Tangible PPC Results

As an award winning Premier PPC Agency, our multi-disciplined PPC specialists consistently year on year deliver impressive and tangible returns for our clients, whom range in size from super brands (FTSE 100s) to a fantastic array of local SME’s right across the England. Our exception PPC performance’s begins with clearly communicated objectives that clarify intent and expectations for deliverables and pave the way for our Ad Strategies to achieve maximum impact. Our PPC specialists understand results and relations govern all our actions requiring established and challenging whilst realistic targets for impressive ROIs.

As an Premier PPC Agency our teams are constantly adopting and trialling the latest advancements in technology and data management to push the PPC boundaries to the limit in pursuit of performance.

Our team also apply their invaluable commercial and market knowledge to understand your markets and audience to seek out every opportunity and maximise your ROIs.

With client PPC budgets ranging from around £750 to £250,000 per month, we aren’t joking when we say we cater for every business large and small, with our PPC teams covering all sorts of industry verticals week in week out.

European Search Awards 2020 Finalists

Proudly taking on the best of Europe’s Elite PPC Agencies

Our teams deserve huge praise for their efforts having worked closely with our amazing clients to achieve these 2020 performances.

Why Trust your PPC to Us ….

The easiest way to convey how trustworthy we are as an PPC Agency is by looking at our wonderful array of clients, that renew with us year after year due to the professionalism and performance our PPC teams deliver. These companies include some of the most respected organisations across the UK, as well as a vast array of SMEs whom are rapidly growing their businesses with our PPC expertise.

Not only that, but Google sing our praises as a leading Premier Google Partner due to our exceptional performance delivery and industry bodies such as Don’t Panic are submitting us for European Awards. So you really are in safe PPC hands.

We’ve searched high and low for the best PPC Account Managers in the country and have specifically trained service teams headed up by our experienced PPC Account Director. This level of expertise is second to none and will keep your company ahead of your competition.

We strongly believe that trust is at first entrusted but must then be rapidly backed up by performance and sales! If that isn’t enough to convince you to trust our PPC teams, then why not try us on a short trial – contact us for more information.

PPC Management
PPC Management covers multiple platforms, such as Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn. Our PPC team manage your PPC campaigns with comprehensive Ad Strategy delivering impressive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).
PPC Strategy & Consultancy
Do you require assistance with your PPC Strategy on a Consultancy basis? Our PPC specialists can be engaged on a one-off or schedule to apply their vast experience to support your own in-house teams.
PPC Performance Audits
The power of PPC audits cannot be under-emphasised. Our audits typically identify an array of opportunities to capitalise on increasing your Return on AdSpend, as well as cutting out wasted Adspend.
Bing Shopping Adverts
Bing Shopping is often overlooked and our PPC specialists seek out opportunities for quality engagements at competitive costs per clicks to maximise your Return on AdSpend. Why just rely on Google Shopping?
Inhouse PPC Support
With the complexity of marketing platforms increasing and in-house teams struggling to keep up, our PPC specialists provide one-off or schedule support for performance audits, recommendations or managing key aspect of the PPC.

Highly Accredited

Premier Google Partners

We’re one of the most highly decorated and top performing Premier Google Partner PPC Agencies in the Midlands year after year. Learn more about why we are an elite PPC agency and our performance record!

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Leading Expertise in

Microsoft (Bing) Advertising

Often overlooked, Microsoft (Bing) is still a highly effective marketing platform and our experts know Microsoft (Bing) is a fantastic opportunity for increase audience exposure and low cost clicks! Learn more today.

PPC Management - How we manage your Accounts ...

Need PPC for your business? We’ve designed our PPC management services with you in mind so we can cater to all budgets. No matter if you’re leading the marketing efforts in a huge organisation or you’re an up and coming startup, we provide a tailored service to suit your needs. The process involved in implementing a bespoke PPC strategy will depend on whether you want to pay a fixed fee or a percentage of your monthly Adspend. (Adspend being the sum of money you commit to Google, Bing and other platforms as your operating budget each month).

After having determined corporate targets and budget, our Birmingham-based PPC experts will swiftly develop a strategy that gets you to your goal. We will typically start this process either by optimising your current PPC campaigns to improve upon areas of weakness, or we will build a totally new campaign from scratch. Rebuilding is often necessary in order to get the swift results you desire.

Once we’ve established a strategy and all campaigns are ready for launch, our PPC specialists will continue optimising and building. Such a task will typically include analysing audience engagement for to determine best-performing keywords, market analysis, and testing. It’s important that we continue to make these optimisations until the campaigns settle and mature. Ensure that you choose a PPC agency that can adapt to new technologies and industry standards.

As one of Birmingham’s leading PPC agencies, we understand the importance of nurturing your target audience with a meaningful and engaging ads. We are at the forefront of industry news so we will always create marketing campaigns that use new and prevalent marketing research. Don’t be left in the dust by competitors and let us analyse and fine tune your PPC campaigns to get you the results you need.

Arrow Define Client Objectives & Deliverables

Arrow Account Audit & Strategy Development

Arrow Account Rebuild, Restructure or Optimisation

Arrow Formulate Ad Text, Ad Creatives and Ad Videos

Arrow Set Match Types & Keyword targeting

Arrow Set Geo-Targeting & Socio-Demographics

Arrow Establish & Implement Remarketing Strategy

Arrow Continuous Improvement and Refinement

Digital Marketing - Our Holistic Approach

We fully believe that any successful marketing initiative must involve a variety of different marketing channels that could include anything from PPC to Radio ads and Leaflets. Maximising your return on investment for all these channels is often easier said than done, however, our account managers are able to give careful consideration your individual business goals and form a successful marketing strategy with this in mind.

Before we begin any work on your account, it’s important that you define a goal besides the top-level objective of increasing sales. We recognise the importance of having a clear focus to unify our activities. Your objective will need to be highly specific with a clear way of measuring success. Both you and your account manager will need to have a strong understanding of the overarching objective in order for us to form a methodical multi-channel strategy.

We’ve developed a framework that focuses on how Marketing Campaigns will Attract, Capture, Nurture, Convert and Re-Attract, consistently within a cycle. Click here to learn more.

PPC Insights - Free Audit and Review

Do you have an existing PPC account with historical data? If so, you are probably sat on a whole host of opportunities that our PPC specialists can extracts via an in-depth Free PPC Audit. Our audits, presented live, showcase the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your Accounts and that before we’re even got going into our main management. More often and not, our team spot problems in moments as to why an account has underperformed and provide a clear plan of recovery.

It’s all presented back to you in a live, as our PPC team provide a walk through your account, which for most clients is a real eye opener and gives you the chance to probe and challenge statements. What we do not do is scaremonger, highlighting meaningless items to discredit your current agency, because we want to build a meaningful plan from the outset and pointing our minor items doesn’t support our fast of the mark approach.


Historical PPC Data provides a wonderful opportunity for swift change and improvement, with plenty of low hanging fruit for quick wins but also highlighting the big issues to be strategically dealt with.

Our Directors constantly say that there are no hiding places in a PPC audits, poor performance stands out and can be showcased.

In some circumstances we’ve ended up providing a big thumbs up to prospects for their current agency’s efforts, which speaks volumes for our integrity and approach.

We are also keen to tailor our PPC audits to your level of knowledge as we appreciate audits and data be overly complex and our team want to ensure the key findings are understood at the macro level and only drill down if you require.

Contact our PPC Team for more information today ..

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    Your PPC Questions Answered...

    Simple, because we offer the best return of investment and our clients comfortably cover their costs in the additional sales.  Our clients often mention they are glad to have trusted the professionals.

    Our PPC team's experience in Ad Strategy and scaling campaigns is second to none and there aren't many industries we haven't operated in with high levels of success and happy clients.

    At Global Search Marketing we do our best to cater for all budgets from exciting Start-Ups needing to scale, right up to our super sized FTSE clients. As a guide our minimum management fee starts from £350pcm for smaller clients, but this can range right up to £15k for larger campaign management. Our clients tend to extend their management fees with us quite quickly as they enjoy the fruits of our work and want more !

    This is a very specific question depending on the industry and the competitive nature of your market place. That said, for smaller campaigns we recommend between 2-3 times your management fee to provide an effective return and test your market. Often we can work with a smaller budget to demonstrate performance and opportunities before clients have confidence to spend more.

    We always provide Admin access to our accounts whilst actively managing your accounts. This is important for our clients and demonstrates our professionalism in managing your PPC accounts and analytics.

    This varies depending on the discount our clients wish to be applied. Naturally if you are committing to a 2 year contract the PPC Management fees are notably reduced.

    That said, clients with lower budgets often opt for a 3-month trial term contract, whilst those clients whom already utilise PPC Agencies for their management often seek the longer contracts of 12-24 months once our team have impressed with our audits and proposed tactics allowing greater discounts.

    All clients receive our standard PPC Management report every month. However, many clients have bespoke reporting &/or high frequency reports depending on their requirements for a small fee.

    Our team can also assist with supporting reporting tools such as analytics.

    This directly depends on your management fees, the more your fee the more time we have to manage your accounts. As a rule we are on average in the accounts 2-3 times per week, but this can sometimes be batched into more effective blocks of scheduled time.

    Management does involve a host of activities that are not just applied in the account, such as research, strategising and communications, but we are always as transparent as possible. We are always happy to showcase the applied work throughout. Remember our PPC Teams are there to drive performance and grow your accounts, as such they won't waste time unnecessarily.

    Sometime clients do require more time on communications or planning, but we liaise closely to find the right solution, allowing maximum time on the accounts.

    Your Technical PPC Questions Answered...

    There are a whole spectrum of metrics that can indicate levels of success of your PPC campaigns. These metrics can relate to an objective that you set for us once we start managing your account, some of which include:

    Generate Brand Awareness

    • Impressions

    A high volume of impressions signifies that your ads have been shown to many users and when this is paired up with strong & engaging branded creatives it helps drive awareness and brand recognition.

    • Impression Share

    Impression share is the percentage of impressions that your ads receive divided by the total number of impressions that your ads could receive. Across both Search and Display networks, a high impression share suggest you are generating brand awareness across a larger proportion of your target market against your competitors.

    Drive Traffic

    • Clicks

    A high volume of clicks on your ads reflects a larger amount of traffic that is driven to your desired landing page. With measurement tools in place such as Google Analytics, you can then analyse the performance and behaviours of this traffic to inform your next business strategies.

    • CTR (Click-through rate)

    With CTR being the total number of clicks divided by the total number of impressions, it is an indication of how appropriate your ads are and how relevant your audience is. By optimising CTR, you are able to drive a higher volume of users that click through to your website.


    • Conversions

    With accurate conversion tracking implemented, you can define certain actions on your website or app as PPC ‘conversions’. With an objective of generating leads, such as contact form submissions, phone calls or live chat queries, then a high volume of these conversion actions would suggest the campaigns are successful.

    • CPA (cost per acquisition)

    Cost per acquisition is defined as the your ad spend costs divided by the amount of conversions you received. The lower this metric is, the more successful the campaigns have been for generating cheaper leads from your advertising.


    • Conversion Value

    Aside from the volume of conversions as mentioned above, accurate conversion tracking for your eCommerce business can unlock the conversion value metric. This shows how much revenue is generated from your PPC advertising campaigns.

    • Conversion Value/Cost

    This translates to your ROAS (return on ad spend) in which you can define what percentage you made in revenue relative to the amount you spent advertising costs. This objective helps you define KPI’s based on profitability.

    With search ads you can maximise your presence in the search results by utilising tools called Ad Extensions. These extensions essentially allow us to include additional information surrounding your business outside of normal headlines and descriptions lines of your ad text and therefore increase the size of your ads in the results as well as allowing for more details and links to engage with.

    Examples of Ad Extensions that we may include within your PPC search campaigns include:

    • Sitelinks

    Links with text that lead to other relevant sections of your site, much like those that can be seen in with the companies that feature in the top organic search results.

    • Callouts

    Small snippets of information which are used to promoting your business’ unique selling points and offerings.

    • Structured Snippets

    These allow for short lists to be shown as part of your search result ad in which we are able to show things such as your product categories, services, programmes, destinations and so on.

    • Call Extension

    Call extensions give advertisers the opportunity to include a chosen business phone number to drive through phone calls before users even hit your site.

    • Price Extension

    Similarly to the Structured Snippet Extensions, Price Extensions help us promote your products and services in the form of a list of “from” prices which helps with campaign click-through rates.

    • Promotion Extension

    We can use this extension type to show users any promotions, sales or offers that your business is currently running and even add in a link through to a relevant sale landing page.

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