Case Study


Our website health checks and solutions created a better user experience and boosted organic traffic for AGA Rangemaster.

The Client

AGA create robust wood burners with high durability and efficiency for customers that are looking for an eco-friendly solution to warming their home that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetic appeal.

They pride themselves on being at the forefront of engineering excellence for almost a century and their personal touch and passion for mingling company traditions with the latest technology is their recipe for providing the very best stoves to their customers.

The Challenge

Following a thorough investigation of the client’s website, we were able to identify a number of issues that were holding the website back in terms of performance. Prioritising technical tasks that would bring about the most change and working our way through site optimisations was our main focus. Getting as much organic traffic to the site was important, however, ensuring that the quality of this traffic also improved was our highest priority.

Our Strategy

Through analysing all the data available, we were able to pin-point holes in the communication between the website and Google that was holding Aga back from improved user experience and, of course, higher rankings.

Whilst Google keeps ranking factors close to the chest and regularly updates its secret algorithm, the majority of its recent updates have tended to focus on user experience. Therefore, making the website journey as straight-forward as possible was a must when it came to our technical updates.

The Results

Not only did we see an upward trend in organic visitors, there was also an increase in the amount of time these visitors were spending on the site in addition to the amount of pages they visited in an average session

Increase in organic Yahoo! traffic
Increase in organic Google traffic
Redirected broken links

Creating a smoother user journey increased user experience that had a domino effect on the overall health of the website and Google’s trust in the value of the service AGA offered.

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