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So you’ve got a lot of people visiting your website but you’re not getting that many phone calls or appointments. Don’t fret because this is fairly common for healthcare companies. In this case, a rock-solid healthcare conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a must.

A strong CRO strategy can help increase the quality of your leads and make the most out of the traffic that you’re already receiving. A healthcare CRO agency can help you with that.

Cardinal Digital Marketing is a full-service agency that specializes in healthcare CRO. There’s a reason why we’re one of the top CRO agencies in the country. Let us help you with your journey towards better conversion rates.

What Are the Best Strategies for Increasing
Healthcare Conversion Rates?

Similar to SEO, conversion rate optimization is a multi-tiered process that’s complex and time-consuming.
Here are a few CRO best practices that you’ll want to develop:

Don’t Keep It (Too) Simple

In your landing pages, your goal is to be both authoritative and a thought leader for your visitors. Although there’s plenty of merit to simplifying your content, keeping it too simple can have some unexpected drawbacks. You’ll either waste the visitor’s time with information they already know or you’ll fail to project your brand as an authority.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that you should go overboard with complicated buzzwords and jargons. A good tip is to maintain a college-level reading comprehension for your landing page. This helps keep your target audience engaged and motivated to perform an action.

Dont keep simple
Optimize Landing Pages

Optimize Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed to attract and capture visitors. A properly optimized landing page will not only increase traffic but also increase brand awareness and improve SEO. Your landing page will direct your target audience to your healthcare services and motivate them to take action.

Users and search engines prefer pages that immediately answer questions and solve problems. However, your landing page should be an extension of your healthcare brand and not an outright promotion.

Conversion Tracking

This sounds like an obvious step but you’ll be surprised at how many organizations don’t track their conversions accurately. For starters, you should decide the main purpose of your healthcare website. Do you want your target audience to fill up a form? Download a healthcare ebook? Do you want them to ask questions about your services?

Once you’ve zoned in on your goals, you can track your conversions using analytics tools.

Improving conversion rates means having a clear picture of your CRO campaign. And that’s accomplished by staying on top of your website’s conversions.

Conversion Tracking
Improved Content Strategy

Improved Content Strategy

The design of your site will only attract and retain visitors. For conversions, the key element that will engage and convert visitors is your website’s copy. Your site’s content (meaning the words) will help push users to inquire about your services.

Strong content will highlight your healthcare brand’s strengths and keep users engaged. This helps with retention and the chances that they’re going to perform a desired action. A strong content strategy also leads to advantages like increasing qualified leads and communicating your offers more effectively.

A/B Split Testing

CRO is a data-driven process which leaves no room for guesswork. One of the best ways to maximize conversion is to conduct A/B testing aka split testing. This test involves determining which version of your website can provide the best conversion rates. One at a time, you launch different versions of your site and see the best-performing version.

Split testing can provide you with benefits like reduced bounce rates, low-risk adjustments, increased ROI, and many others.

A/B Split Testing
Optimize for Mobile Users

Optimize for Mobile Users

According to research, more than 60% of mobile users have utilized their devices for health-related questions. For comparison, more people have used their mobile devices for health-related queries than online banking, job hunting, and education. This highlights the importance of optimizing the experience for mobile users.

A mobile-friendly website can facilitate better conversion because it provides superior user experience. Some characteristics of a mobile optimized website are larger buttons, smaller images, auto-fill forms, location auto-detect, and most importantly, a responsive design.

Why Work With a Healthcare CRO Agency?

Do you really need to work with an agency to help optimize your conversions? Unless you can reliably do it yourself, hiring a CRO professional is almost always the best option. Here are some of the benefits a CRO agency like Cardinal can provide:



CRO is a data-driven marketing process. To get the most out of your CRO campaign, you need transparency – something a professional agency can provide. The best CRO agency focuses on the “how” and can explain their methodologies and processes clearly. This should include all the practices and tools that will help in meeting your conversion goals.

Track Record

Experience and Track Record

Perhaps the best benefit of partnering with an agency is that you can leverage the skills and experience of conversion specialists. Hiring a CRO agency is a big investment, so it’s only reasonable that you want to make your investment count. A great agency is familiar with the ins and outs of conversion optimization. Preferably, you want an agency with a winning track record, especially in the healthcare industry.
A successful CRO campaign requires a good deal of testing which is why an experienced agency like Cardinal is the best fit.

Detail Orientated Marketing

Detail-Oriented and Methodical Approach

A strong CRO plan is detail-oriented and highly versatile. There’s more to conversion optimization than performing various tests and running down a “best practices” checklist. The best CRO agency is methodical, logical, and has an excellent eye for detail.

Your CRO agency can keep track of customer behavior, recognize cognitive biases, and analyze the words used on polls and surveys. A comprehensive and methodical approach is a must to take your conversion rates to the next level.

Time Saver

Time Saver

A professional CRO agency like Cardinal will help you save tons of time. Being proficient in conversion rate optimization requires a good deal of digital marketing knowledge and experience. A CRO specialist wears many hats as he drives traffic, generate leads, optimize for search engines, and so on.

Having said that, can you honestly say that you have the time to become more proficient in conversion optimization? Or do you think it’s better if you can spend your precious time on more pressing matters like running your healthcare organization? If it’s the latter, hiring a CRO agency makes the most sense.

All Bases Covered

All Bases Covered

When it comes to better conversions, nothing should be left to chance or guesswork. As previously mentioned, an agency is comprehensive which means that everything that needs coverage will be given proper attention. In digital marketing, the opportunity for growth is always there and it’s the agency’s job to capitalize on it.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, Cardinal provides solutions outside of conversion optimization. Thus, if you’re looking to grow and scale your digital marketing campaign, we can quickly accommodate your needs. No need to find a freelancer or another agency.

Maximize Your Healthcare Website’s Conversions
With Cardinal’s Top-Level CRO Solutions

Why choose Cardinal as your conversion rate optimization expert?
Here are the Cardinal advantage that will pave the way for better healthcare conversions:

Campaign Analysis

Digital Marketing Campaign Analysis
We start our relationship by going in-depth and knowing what we’re dealing with. We take a comprehensive look at your healthcare website by doing a full audit. This helps us get a clear picture of your existing campaign and devise a plan for success.

Optimized marketing funnels

Optimized Marketing Funnels
We start our relationship by going in-depth and knowing what we’re dealing with. We take a comprehensive look at your healthcare website by doing a full audit. This helps us get a clear picture of your existing campaign and devise a plan for success.

Copy that converts

Strong Copy That Converts
Are you sure that your website copy is doing its job to push users to convert? When it comes to copywriting, there’s always room for improvement. Our excellent team of writers will help by generating impactful and conversion-focused content.

Valuable Data

Valuable and Actionable Data
As stated, conversion optimization is a data-driven process. As your CRO agency, we aim to conduct a wide range of tests and fast. The more tests we perform, the more information we can gather to create a strong CRO plan.

Improved site design and structure

Improved Site Design and Structure
Your healthcare website is the main hub for your offers, services, and content. A poorly designed website will have a tough time converting visitors into phone calls and appointments. Cardinal’s web design team will ensure that your website design and structure is properly optimized.

Healthcare Industry Experience

Healthcare Industry Experience
We’re not just a CRO agency, we’re a healthcare CRO agency. Cardinal has helped many healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinics, and dental office with their conversion goals. We know the healthcare industry and how to market your business.
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Are you ready to grow your healthcare website and meet your conversion goals?

Feel free to give us a call or take the time to meet our excellent Cardinal team. Let’s make your conversion rates soar!

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