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How We Help Home Care Organizations Fill their Lead Pipeline

Home care is growing in popularity among senior citizens who want to maintain the freedom of living in their own homes for as long as possible. In the post-pandemic era, home care provides a viable alternative to entering a senior care facility, such as assisted living or a nursing home.

As a home care marketing agency, we have experience helping high-growth multi-location home care organizations expand their web presence so they can build a reliable pipeline to fuel their growth.

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Paid Media


Social Media

Social Media


Reputation Management

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Web Design


Tens of thousands of searches occur for home care each month in the U.S. Cardinal can help seniors and their families find your website through targeted search engine optimization that focuses on increasing your site’s search rankings for specific keywords and local markets.

We turn that traffic into leads with conversion rate optimization tactics that take people from a click to a call or appointment once they reach your website.

Home Care SEO
Home Care Paid Search

Paid Search

Paid search can be a cost-effective tool for bringing eyes and ears to your home care services. Our PPC team has deep experience in the senior care industry and can make sure your home care services show up when and where your target audience is looking for help. As a result, you’ll enjoy a steady influx of qualified leads at an affordable cost per lead/cost per acquisition.

Social Media Advertising

The families of seniors, who are often making the purchase decision about home care, are usually active on social media platforms—making it a prime place to build awareness. Yet, that’s easier said than done.

We use a full-funnel social media strategy to build brand awareness in the early stages of the buyer’s journey, then move them towards conversion with engaging campaign ad creative and innovative targeting. The results? Lower CPAs and Facebook Ads campaigns that yield more qualified leads.

Home Care Social Media Advertising
Home Care Web Design

Web Design

What do people looking for home care services need to see on your website? Assuming you have information about your different services, insurance, and contact information, is it well optimized? Our home care web design team can bring even the most outdated and disorganized sites up to the latest best practices. That means an optimized, mobile-responsive website that will serve as a core pillar of your entire home care marketing strategy.

Reputation Management

You’ve worked hard to develop a reputation for providing quality home care. This includes word-of-mouth referrals, ratings, and reviews. We’ll help you manage and monitor your reputation across channels and platforms while identifying opportunities for getting more out of your positive reviews.

When it comes to selecting a home care provider, online reviews play an essential role in the decision. They’re too important to neglect or leave to chance.

Home Care Reputation Management

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“Cardinal’s competitors constantly try to get us to switch to them.
We are not interested in switching.”

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Work with True Home Care Marketing Specialists

After so much time spent working in other systems for our home care clients, we decided to build our own proprietary marketing technology. Patient Stream uses powerful AI and machine learning to analyze and optimize your marketing spend, including powerful reporting.

Double Patient Volume

Drastically Improve Lead Volume Without Increasing Spend

Identify low-return campaigns while using AI to automatically optimize toward the campaigns that are bringing in high-value patients at an efficient cost per acquisition.

Executive Level Reporting

Share Impactful Reporting to Executives and Decision Makers

Give your CMO readable, shareable reports that highlight the performance metrics they care about. With Patient Stream, you can report on cost per patient, a fleeting yet powerful metric that few other healthcare marketing platforms can reliably deliver.

Patient Stream
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The State of Healthcare Marketing In 2021 Survey Report

To gain a better understanding of the current state of healthcare marketing, we surveyed more than 100 healthcare marketers and executives to learn how they’re navigating the post-pandemic world.

Download the full report to learn their top marketing priorities, challenges, and investments and what you need to do to stay competitive and grow your healthcare organization.

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I was recently asked by a marketer at a senior care provider (and prospective client) if they need PPC advertising. My answer was an emphatic yes. In some form or another, PPC can be a critical part of your broader digital marketing strategy and help you capture demand and build your lead pipeline.

Guide to PPC Best Practices for Senior Care

I was recently asked by a marketer at a senior care provider (and prospective client) if they need PPC advertising. My answer was an emphatic yes. In some form or another, PPC can be a critical part of your broader digital marketing strategy and help you capture demand and build your lead pipeline.

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